New In Brussels !

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Individual Consultations @home Soften your pain in the comfort of your own home I am based in Brussels – on Mondays and Tuesdays I am available for individual trauma consultations in or nearby Brussels. Call me in! Trauma consultation at your place –  €75/h You can also book an individual trauma consultation in the Trauma […]

Going crazy


Allulah, 34, lives along the railway in Athens. He fled Ethiopia many years ago. It is almost ten years now that I try to get a better life. In the beginning it was okay: I could earn some money now and then, I lived in a proper house, I had friends. But things got bad. […]

Kafka in Greece


Vasilika, refugee camp – 9 dec 2016 I have an appointment with Angelikka, coordinator of MSF (Medecins sans Frontières) to run a Trauma Workshop. Police officer at the gate: Stop – papers, please… You are not allowed to come in. You need a paper of the ministry in Athens. I saw you taking pictures – […]

I met a hero today


I met a hero today. His name is Pixie. Pixie is the head chef of the soul food kitchen in Thessaloniki. He and his team deliver food to the refugees living in the streets. Pixie has done that before: he has been cooking for traveling refugees since the first outbreak of the refugee crisis, back […]