I love to help people overcome their trauma’s. It is what makes me me.

To soften the pain in the world is my mission in life. It is the reason I became a psychotraumatologist, and the reason I do my work well.

I worked in many different settings, treating different kinds of people suffering from different types of trauma: people haunted by their past, survivors of childhood abuse, refugees, asylum seekers, victims of accidents, crimes or natural disasters, and, recently, victims of the terror attacks in Brussels.

I am member of the board and lecturer on the subject of psychotraumatology at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), specializing in acute trauma and crisis intervention.  I also give weekly crisis interventions, trainings, continuous education and supervisions in public and private organizations.

I have a master degree in  philosophy. I studied integrative psychotherapy, was trained as a family mediator, and specialized in constellation work and psychotraumatology. I am member of the board of BIP (Belgian Institue for Psychotraumatology) and ESTSS (European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies) and have an ECP accreditation (European Certificate Psychotherapy).

With more than 10 years of experience, I carry countless real life stories of people in need with me. Many therapy sessions, interventions, exercises and outcomes – good ones and bad ones – are engraved in my mind. I wrote a beautiful book containing some of these stories, and now I am ready to pass on my expertise to you, to help you help.