The Healing Power of pain

How to transform pain and achieve inner growth

The Healing Power of Pain. Stories of Trauma and Recovery is an easy-to-read guide for the heavy-hearted, a book that helps us understand the underlying causes of why we seem to be plagued by negative emotions, fears and a lack of self-esteem. Not all of us turn straight to a therapist when we experience emotional pain. We may want to read about it first and see how we can come to grips with it ourselves.

This book uses the power of real-life stories, stories that most of us can relate to. Moreover, the unique use of practical exercises, poems and songs allow readers to anchor what they have learned to create a life that is not only more bearable but in many cases truly transformed.

The psychotherapeutic insights illustrate how the various forms of trauma can impact us and how we can make great strides in alleviating our own pain following times of trauma, loss and grief.

A valuable resource for all those affected by trauma, great or small !