I met a hero today


I met a hero today. His name is Pixie. Pixie is the head chef of the soul food kitchen in Thessaloniki. He and his team deliver food to the refugees living in the streets. Pixie has done that before: he has been cooking for traveling refugees since the first outbreak of the refugee crisis, back […]

Frozen lives in Tabanovtsé


Visiting the Tabanovtsé refugee camp at the Macedonian – Serbian Border. Listen to this testimony of a Macedonian colleague of mine: It is heartbreaking, the lives of the refugees here are frozen for months, for years. They are numbers, live in containers, separated from the rest of us, moving freely is illegal for them. Closed […]

Love Warriors


The Calais volunteers are love warriors: they choose love. They choose to respect, care about and love every human soul. This means: no compromises, no bargaining. No politics. Just doing the right thing: to behave and act like a fellow human being. Refusing to be compromised by politics, borders, practical stuff. Treat everybody right. Everybody. […]