Finally !

My book, The Healing Power of Pain. Stories of Trauma and Recovery uses the power of real-life stories, stories that most of us can relate to. Moreover, the unique use of practical exercises, poems and songs allow readers to anchor what they have learned to create a life that is not only more bearable but […]

New In Brussels !

Individual Consultations  Soften your own pain I am based in Brussels – Call me in! Book an individual trauma consultation @ my place (Etterbeek) 75€ @your place 100€ in the Trauma Tour Bus @a parking spot of your choice in Brussels 100€ For consultations outside Brussels, I charge €25 extra. Mail or call/whatsapp me […]

A cold cold winter

I am heading homewards soon. So, I’d like to thank you all and share some final thoughts with you. I must say, it was a cold cold winter. I saw lots of desperate people and listened to many sad stories. There were days I felt lonely and desperate myself, asking myself: ‘Do I make a […]

A perfect selfie

I met Aida, her mother, sister and little brother while they were hitchhiking along the road. I picked them up and drove them ‘home’ – to Lavriou refugee camp. Aida, 12, is a girl with twinkles in her eyes. She spontaneously tells me her story. We fled from our city Hama in Syria 9 months […]

Going crazy

Allulah, 34, lives along the railway in Athens. He fled Ethiopia many years ago. It is almost ten years now that I try to get a better life. In the beginning it was okay: I could earn some money now and then, I lived in a proper house, I had friends. But things got bad. […]