A cold cold winter

I am heading homewards soon.

So, I’d like to thank you all and share some final thoughts with you.

I must say, it was a cold cold winter. I saw lots of desperate people and listened to many sad stories. There were days I felt lonely and desperate myself, asking myself: ‘Do I make a difference?’ ‘Can I do more?’ ‘Is it enough?’ It was hard not always to be able to work properly because of bureaucratic obstacles and the difficulties I sometimes encountered in relating to the people and NGO’s in the field.

I had to remind myself that my journey was not only about helping. My journey was also about hope and courage. About standing up for each other. About opening up to and connecting with each other. About human rights and human kindness. About love, a wide-spreading, never-ending love.

Love heals. I truly believe that. I also believe that the world needs us, needs our love. If we genuinely care, genuinely love, action follows naturally. We can all help heal the world.