A perfect selfie

I met Aida, her mother, sister and little brother while they were hitchhiking along the road. I picked them up and drove them ‘home’ – to Lavriou refugee camp.

Aida, 12, is a girl with twinkles in her eyes. She spontaneously tells me her story.

We fled from our city Hama in Syria 9 months ago. We walked many hours to get to Turkey. There we got in a boat. We were with 57 people in the boat. It was night. We couldn’t see anything. It took a long time to cross the sea. It was cold and I was very scared. Two people died on the boat. When I looked at the dead bodies I got sick. My mother said I was seasick. But I know I passed out because I did not want to see that.

I am impressed. What a bright and brave girl.

‘I hope you’re gonna be happy’, I say – ‘I hope that you can forget about your trip to Greece, forget about the war in Syria too… ‘

‘Don’t worry’, says Aida, ‘I am fine. I go to school now, I’ve made lots of friends here and one day we even went swimming in the sea – that same sea. And you know what? It was cool. I liked it.’

‘You’re such a smart girl, Aida – you already know that there’s good and bad in everything. And it seems to me that in your life the good has just begun!’

And then Aida and I just hugged and made this perfect selfie 🙂