I met a hero today

I met a hero today. His name is Pixie.

Pixie is the head chef of the soul food kitchen in Thessaloniki. He and his team deliver food to the refugees living in the streets. Pixie has done that before: he has been cooking for traveling refugees since the first outbreak of the refugee crisis, back in 2012. He cooked all along the Balkan route: in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia. He would just pack his things, drive down to a new refugee hot-spot and set up a kitchen there. All by himself.

I cannot live in the outside world anymore. I tried, went home a few times, but I had nightmares. Normal people make me feel angry. They talk about needing a new pair of shoes … while they have 5 unused pairs in their closet. It is ridiculous. I know it’s not their fault, but still… For me, I prefer to be here, in Greece, cooking for the refugees in the streets. Because doing what I do makes me feel a good person, useful, happy – human.

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