Love Warriors

The Calais volunteers are love warriors: they choose love. They choose to respect, care about and love every human soul.

This means: no compromises, no bargaining. No politics. Just doing the right thing: to behave and act like a fellow human being. Refusing to be compromised by politics, borders, practical stuff. Treat everybody right. Everybody. Refugees too.

During my days in Calais I realized that the Calais volunteers fight a battle that is ours too, a battle we should fight together – the battle for preserving our basic human rights. The right to be a human among humans. The right to be important. Important enough to have a good life. Anywhere on earth. The right to be free.

All along the road, from Calais to Athens, I will try to be a love warrior too. A proud one.

You can contribute to and support my softening the pain in the world tour to Greece by making a donation*:

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Making a donation means supporting trauma work: helping people overcome their traumas by making free trauma info sessions and free trauma therapy possible. This winter I am traveling to the refugee camps in Macedonia and Greece to do just that.

* Costs for fuel, road toll, equipment bus, workshop materials, little presents for people along the road, accommodation (camping),…

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