To Thessaloniki and back …

The Trauma Tour Bus is going to drive down the Balkan route this winter, offering trauma info sessions, trauma workshops and trauma therapy along the road. The aim is to get to Greece – to offer (free) trauma therapy and trauma information to the refugees and their helpers in the refugee camps.

Help me help!

FAQ 1 – Why does Trauma Tour want to go to Greece?

During the past years huge numbers of refugees have traveled from Southern Europe to its central and northern countries. I met many of them in the asylum center I work for in Belgium. Many of them suffer from post traumatic stress: haunted by their past, their memories and their losses. As a trauma therapist I then do what I have to do: help people recover from trauma, help them soften their pain … There are many therapists, social workers and volunteers involved in helping refugees all over the European continent. But it’s barely enough. Whole nations and countless numbers of people are being traumatized by too many wars and conflicts. As one of the helpers at Camp Calais in France describes it:

There’s so much pain and we, helpers, cannot possibly meet all their needs, we feel like we never do enough, there’s always work to do … so we burn the candle on both ends, we become depressed, exhausted, burned out.

Trauma Tour wants to help the refugees and sustain the volunteers working with refugees by offering free info sessions on trauma, trauma self-help and trauma therapy sessions.

FAQ 2 – What can you do to support Trauma Tour?

A lot! This list might help you:

  • Spread the news!
  • Call me in & be my local host!

Book a trauma info session, trauma workshop, trauma (group) supervision or trauma therapy session along the road.

The Trauma Tour to Thessaloniki starts in Brussels on 15th November. It will wind its way down via Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia and finally head for Greece.

Call me in, be my local host on my way down to Greece: organize a workshop with some colleagues, an evening info-session with your friends, or ask for a couple of trauma therapy sessions or supervision hours – Interested? E-mail me straight away!

The money collected with these projects-on-the-road will help me get to Greece and do trauma work there for free.

What is in for you?

A valuable encounter with an expert in trauma work and enriching conversations with your guests. A set of trauma cards and their booklet. A copy of Ybe’s book The Healing Power of Pain (E-book version to come out in early 2017). 

  • If your country or region is not on the list, contact me anyway: I live on wheels, I’m flexible 🙂
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  • Contribute as an organization: fund Trauma Tour – once, twice or on a regular basis via:
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