@edgeryders #OPENandchange

Trauma Tour is proud to be part of www.edgeryders.eu – a warm and open community of changemakers.

We are all different, and yet similar in this: we have made our homes at the edges of society. We explore the edges of living and working practices, and we think the edge is where change comes from. Join us or learn more about the community. Read and share our stories!


The Edgeryders vision is a world in which every human can live up to her full potential as a creative, responsible being:

We believe in full participation by everyone in the life of her community and that of the planet.Our philosophy (backed by evidence) is that the collective intelligence of any community is more powerful than its individuals alone. We develop methods and open source technologies to direct this collective intelligence at supporting people and projects that contribute to the common good.

Thank you @edgeryders for your warm welcome and support. It feels good to come home!